Square Root of Negative One

Ian’s Who’sWho

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Shawn Brixey

Charlie Roberts

Ken Rinaldo
with an list of artists working with robots/RP/interaction.. etc

Ken Goldberg
Robotics prof at UC Berkeley

sculputure mounted on wall; acrylic fish


video processing

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1. frame by frame motion detection (FD)

2. background substraction (BD)

3. with some noise threathhold

0.1*FD + 0.9* BD  = GD

dilate -fix holes..

erode -cut the outline

4. contour finder


projector projects no infrared light. nor fluorescent lights.  therefore, by using exposed b+w film as filter on monochromic camera, we can avoid feedback problem of projected image.

BNC connector + mechanical convertar ->  RCA connector -> computer

super circuit camera connector + clamp to mount it anywhere

KJ’s project?

Words from Beyond Hope

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Words from Beyond Hope is an attempt to visualize the last statement made by criminals shortly before they are executed.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice maintains a list of executed offenders’ last statements, along with their gender, racial, photo, crime and victims, even their unappetizing last meal request. I keep a collection of related links on my blog post here. A sample of the statement is here-

It strikes to me how the simplest words repeat in all the statements. This is partly due to, as Golan pointed out, their limitation on education. Partly, I think, because it’s the most honest statement flowed right out of their mind, with no rhetorical decoration.

My design try to strike a balance between reserving the repelling reading experience and showing the similarity shared among all those executed. I envisioned a canvas with words appearing at the rate of heart beat, and a bit kinetic effect to resemble heart beat and life, and time elapsing. Then the words gray out and  scatter around the screen, disappearing a bit as the life did. With the font proportional to occurrence prequency, the piece immediately highlight the common words from all last statements at the first glance. If viewer stays with it, they could read the statement words by words, as if viewing the writing composing them. In this way new information are conveyed to viewer and the interaction can carry on for a longer period of time.

Although a number of compromises had to be made in the final piece, one detail comes out as a little surprise to me. The collection of the most common words seems to form a message that is almost the average of the statement themselves.

Image below: at a glance, you’ll read ” I love you all”,”god love you all”, “I love my family”, “thank you”… the very phrases that’ll stay in your head as you read the actual statement.


The discrete words popping don’t do a great job suggesting they’re actual readable sentences and lose the power of the raw statement. Giving them a smooth in and out and allow them to stay “in focus” for longer may be a quick fix to encourage actual reading.

Golan’s suggestion for life

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“If you get a good idea, it’ll be ripped someday. Be ready. ”

demonstrated in his blog post showcasing pairs of exotic new media art and current commercial version.

On getting connected in art world

Archives, lists and compilations of new media projects:

Significant new media blogs:

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blind and shadow

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POLA Facade

adaptive fritting

Adaptive Shading Esplanade


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tangible voice ?

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custom waveform jewelry and wedding rings with sound/voice.

wire bending

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with a machine!

zoom in at the bending head from anther machine

or manually with a bending jig!

I can fly

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An experiment of generating organic kinetics using non-organic material, this piece uses Shape Memory Alloy to actuate wood and metal structures, which are laid out as insect collections.

Exhibited at Three River Arts Festival Gallery.

Subtle movements of specimens are randomly  triggered by Arduino control board.

Testing Shape Memory Alloy > before and after current flows through

3D output

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Peter Cho seems big in text visualization ..



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Larry Kagan


shadow monster

kai linke

out dated processing shadow rendering

rendering shadow in solidworks?

3D print

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DIY laser cutter with a scanner

Henrik Menne makes machines that makes art

Additive 3D output
Subtractive 3D output

generating organic form

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Visual Models of Morphogenesis (Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz et al.)

Grow more plants with algorithm


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Until Dawn Curtain
made of Tyvek, covered in a floral-fauna pattern in lilac/white, red/white, or black/white, against a transparent background.
Tyvek is a durable, liquid-resistant material.


Garland Shade Light
Tord Boontje, 2003

This cascading floral shade reflects the Dutch designer’s admiration for the intricate, romantic aesthetic of 17th and 18th century objects. The delicately etched leaves and flowers are created using photographic process normally employed in the manufacture of electronic components. The shade, made of brass, secures to the base with a simple clip and may be expanded in size and form. Includes 15-foot cord with standard plug. 60-watt bulb not included.

Algue, Ronan Bouroullec

tree curtain

Tord Boontje & Artecnica’s Ivy Panels
laser cut from plated steel and coated in brass or silver.
Notice the detail in the four corners that connects to each other

Organic line
Brice Marden:Cold Mountain 6 (bridge) (SF MOMA, 1989-1991)