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For Yahoo Q4 hackday, we built a physical version of Yahoo Weather.
Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 11.35.58 PM

The 24-hour hack involved a lot of wires and hotglue, but it survived the demo day and went into the finalist. We presented to the whole company, and, to everyone’s surprise, won the grand overall prize at a software company. David Filo hand shake? Check!

Me and my gCode hanging out at the Garage:


Bed Making

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After I moved to Chicago, I had a few days to settle down before I started my first job at Motorola Mobility. I decided to make my own bed. It’s the first time I make a piece of furniture (though not the imaginative ones I dreamed of), and also my first instructables project, following aeray’s wonderful instructions.


I used the home depot bricks to stack the frame up, which I later raised to fit more boxes under.

After the bed is set, I bought a used door frame, bolted it down to the wooden workhorse left from bed project, and made my dining table. Zero waste! 😀 Mind you though, this is still more expensive than Ikea.


The door frame is covered with wood floor, unintentionally giving it an expensive solid-wood-blocks-glued-together look. Lock hole now works as a candle holder.

One shortcoming of making furniture at home is, none of these objects will fit through the door when I’m moving out of the place. Oh well.

Ian’s Who’sWho

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Shawn Brixey

Charlie Roberts

Ken Rinaldo
with an list of artists working with robots/RP/interaction.. etc

Ken Goldberg
Robotics prof at UC Berkeley

sculputure mounted on wall; acrylic fish

Golan’s suggestion for life

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“If you get a good idea, it’ll be ripped someday. Be ready. ”

demonstrated in his blog post showcasing pairs of exotic new media art and current commercial version.

On getting connected in art world

Archives, lists and compilations of new media projects:

Significant new media blogs:


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I can fly

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An experiment of generating organic kinetics using non-organic material, this piece uses Shape Memory Alloy to actuate wood and metal structures, which are laid out as insect collections.

Exhibited at Three River Arts Festival Gallery.

Subtle movements of specimens are randomly  triggered by Arduino control board.

Testing Shape Memory Alloy > before and after current flows through

Hello world!

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