Square Root of Negative One

Knappa Tutu

Posted in make by cheng on March 4, 2015

UPDATE: for the step_by_step DIY instruction, visit instructables.
DISCLAIMER: This party trick might result in people touching your skirt and attempting to peak underneath.

I was wondering around Ikea one day and thought ‘This lamp looks oddly like a skirt!’ (Image from ikea site)

50 bucks later, I was putting the leafs of this beautiful lamp together…

…into a Tutu!

And since Knappa is a lamp, of course it needs to light up! I picked some programmable light strip to go inside the lamp.

IMG_7797 knappa

And to spice it up, I added a Dance Move Detector and cleaned up the circuit. I used:

  • SparkfunArduino Mini Pro 5V
  • Sparkfun ADXL335
  • Adafruit NeoPixel Digital RGB LED
  • USB cable (to plug into external battery pack and power the system up )

This is definitely a more obsessed prototype among all other things I hotglued together. But hey, if you plan to dance around with your circuit, everything must be secured!


Next, code up the accelerometer do some dizzling light effects! Soon enough you realize that you need a standing table to debug a tutu! I let the colors swirl slowly when the lamp is still, and do an abrupt change when a hop is detected.


I brought this to the Burner Halloween party and here are some live actions :]

IMG_7996 dance


WARNING: this party trick might result in a lot of people touching your skirt…


Planck’s Duck

Posted in make by cheng on May 26, 2010

Planck’s constant, the size of quanta, is the base of universe, defining substance, light, energy. With a different value, another universe can overlap with ours, yet not been sensed.

Modeled in Rhino. Material: CNC-milled foam, plastic, paint.

tangible voice ?

Posted in make by cheng on March 12, 2010

custom waveform jewelry and wedding rings with sound/voice.

wire bending

Posted in make by cheng on February 23, 2010

with a machine!

zoom in at the bending head from anther machine

or manually with a bending jig!

[DigiFab Proj1]CultInsignia

Posted in make by cheng on February 4, 2010

Rigorous rules reinforce devotion; stringent sacrifice induce satisfaction.
The strictest diet in my cult facilitates the purest kidney, and the soul within. This urine container showcases your devotion. You will give your soul final freedom waking up in an ice bath.

Inspired by Andy Warhol’s Oxidization and the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

…Ronnie … takes lots of vitamin B so the canvas turns a really pretty color when it’s his pee.

…boys who’d come to lunch and drink too much wine, and find it funny or even flattering to be asked to help Andy ‘paint.’