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AI vs Epilog Engraver

Posted in laser by cheng on January 9, 2010

Looks like a unhappy couple… Though for Illustrator CS4 + Epilog Helix 24 Laser , set the lineweight to 0.1pt seems to work fine.  

“raster just fine, but never could vector anything”
” It was explained to me that they had to be ‘hairline’ width lines which Corel and AutoCAD can create, but Illustrator cannot.“
”My laser will vector cut as per the manual specifications– any line width set for .001″ or .025mm gets sliced.“

”If this doesnt work for you, also try separating your vectoring and rastering into two different layers in AI, then print them as separate jobs (just make one layer invisible in the layers palette, load the visible one, then do the same with the other). Make sure there’s no stray or invisible anchors left in your drawing by going to Object/Path/Cleanup in AI.
In the print driver, select raster only and vector only. Load both layers to the laser before starting the jobs, and you should have no alignment problem.”

“Illustrator does not have a “thin enough” line weight built in. For versions CS and above, typing .0001″ in the stroke field works well.”