Square Root of Negative One


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When Dash robot was shown in CMU, I was amazed on how well the little one with just the physical design.

I read this from Brian Scaz’s note on Three Classes of Evolved
Controllers today ( and exclaim once more about MIT, after Karl Sims and Arthur Ganson)

• If sensors were enabled during evolution,
then reflexive pattern generators evolved
– Without sensors, these patterns fail
• If sensors were disabled during evolution,
central pattern generators evolved
– Generates pattern without sensory input
• If sensors were unreliable during evolution,
then mixed pattern generators evolved
– Worked better with sensors enabled
– Capable of operating on their own

Taxonomy of Fixed Points

in 3D – Lorenz Attractor


MIT Leglab

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Roll down to see

Corn Dog

“Besides demonstrating control of height and pitch, this video demonstrates the ability of Corn-Dog’s electric series-elastic actuators to efficiently and robustly absorb the shock energy of each footfall, without any additional elasticity in the leg mechanism.”


“a series-elastic actuated robot and a simulated model of the well-known Pixar Luxo lamp”