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Bed Making

Posted in Uncategorized by cheng on November 21, 2011

After I moved to Chicago, I had a few days to settle down before I started my first job at Motorola Mobility. I decided to make my own bed. It’s the first time I make a piece of furniture (though not the imaginative ones I dreamed of), and also my first instructables project, following aeray’s wonderful instructions.


I used the home depot bricks to stack the frame up, which I later raised to fit more boxes under.

After the bed is set, I bought a used door frame, bolted it down to the wooden workhorse left from bed project, and made my dining table. Zero waste! 😀 Mind you though, this is still more expensive than Ikea.


The door frame is covered with wood floor, unintentionally giving it an expensive solid-wood-blocks-glued-together look. Lock hole now works as a candle holder.

One shortcoming of making furniture at home is, none of these objects will fit through the door when I’m moving out of the place. Oh well.


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