Square Root of Negative One


Posted in baking idea by cheng on February 7, 2010

Until Dawn Curtain
made of Tyvek, covered in a floral-fauna pattern in lilac/white, red/white, or black/white, against a transparent background.
Tyvek is a durable, liquid-resistant material.


Garland Shade Light
Tord Boontje, 2003

This cascading floral shade reflects the Dutch designer’s admiration for the intricate, romantic aesthetic of 17th and 18th century objects. The delicately etched leaves and flowers are created using photographic process normally employed in the manufacture of electronic components. The shade, made of brass, secures to the base with a simple clip and may be expanded in size and form. Includes 15-foot cord with standard plug. 60-watt bulb not included.

Algue, Ronan Bouroullec

tree curtain

Tord Boontje & Artecnica’s Ivy Panels
laser cut from plated steel and coated in brass or silver.
Notice the detail in the four corners that connects to each other

Organic line
Brice Marden:Cold Mountain 6 (bridge) (SF MOMA, 1989-1991)


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