Square Root of Negative One

prosthesis [digital fabrication proj2]

Posted in baking idea by cheng on February 2, 2010

In 2030, the limitation on environmental source push human race onto the fringe. To reduce medical expense, Governments passed bill against marriage between couples carrying genetic inheritance that would possibly produce offspring with genetic diseases. Prosthesis displaying genetic disease information is force implanted to citizens. Though mostly implanted to private body area, those who can afford gene therapy would prefer to show off their purity.

Underskin implant model in solidworks. lateral edge length 1 in.

Reference and related work

Genetic Diseases and Inheritance

Growing Pains: Nurturing The Relationship Between Man & Object
Seed and grow a piece in your body

Body modification for Love
My proposal includes a technique for genetically growing selected parts of your beloved person on your skin. Having a nipple of your ex-girlfriend close to the pelvic bone would be one option, growing a mole of your ex-boyfriend another. It would also be possible to grow a patch of living hair on your arm, reminding you of mum. It’s much like tattoo, but you would have to shave every now and then.


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