Square Root of Negative One


Posted in baking idea, visual by cheng on January 27, 2010

Vik Muniz gave an amazing key note at the TEI conference. But what I’m talk about here is an idea inspired by his website.

A heat sensitive paper/thermochromic painted surface, in addition to a huge matrix of diodes/resistor or other heating electrical components should be able to do this. I envision it at the size of a wall paper … So that the viewer can enjoy both the gradual growth of dots, and, when stepping back, can see the emerge of the whole portrait. Might create a processing interface to take portraits, or image shot from web cam as input, or thingy people draw. Sounds interesting?

One related proj is briefly described here.

The Watch Paper is printed on ordinary paper and uses a heat sensitive coating to tell time. Each digit blurs from one into the other using the heat from the LED in the back which makes the coating transparent

Other related projects

Mies van der Rohe portrait.
2003, IIT
This halftone portrait of Mies van
der Rohe is actually comprised of
a a set of pictograms designed for
signage at IIT. This reveals both
the icon tha Mies is to IIT and the
communicative icons which appear
through the building.



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