Square Root of Negative One


Posted in architecture, baking idea by cheng on January 8, 2010


Special Grant 4th Student Competition“Textile Structures for New Building” 1997
Though old, this site has some inspiring ideas on movable structure at architectural scale. Could those be  future Archi bots?

Polyhedral toy


Imagine covering these frame with elastic membrane in such a way that all surface are in tension, the resulting shape will 1)hold its own shape and allow huge deformation 2) have nice curves and edges like Mark Baskinger’s white balloon over metal frame
might I actuate it with linear actuators from inside and give it its own kinetics and shape its own world? another SMA gadget?

kenneths nelson, the inventor has some amazing experiment with different contraction forces.. not only a mater using the elastic ropes, he also discussed rigid connection, and magnetic connection.

could one change the direction of these magnets, and change the overall form?


Greg Witt’s amazing piece ” surface with sticks




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  1. cheng said, on February 21, 2010 at 4:09 am

    gives very hands-on step-by-step tutorial making one, also has a list of other online tensegrity source.

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