Square Root of Negative One


Posted in architecture, inflatable by cheng on December 13, 2009

 Viennese architectural and design group founded in 1967 by Laurids (1941– ) and Manfred (1943– ) Ortner, Günter Zamp Kelp (1941– ), and Klaus Pinter (1940– ), with others representing different disciplines. The group opened offices in Düsseldorf (1970) and NYC (1971), so quickly became international. Specializing in ‘disposable architecture’, pneumatic structures, air-mattresses, and life-support systems, its projects (often featuring plastics) have included Balloon for Two (1967), the external shell around the Haus Lange Museum, Krefeld (1971), and the Oasis 5 in Kassel (1972). Among unrealized projects that have received attention are the Pneumacosm pneumatic-cell expansion of NYC (1967) and an artificial cloud with a huge ladder for access (the Big Piano—1972). Cook has identified Haus-Rucker-Co as contributing to Experimental architecture.

 On the occasion of an exhibition was in the domed hall of the Kunsthalle in Hamburg installed . In the middle of a square pool of 6 m side length of white plastic tissue a steel tower stood at the top of a glass-cube, in which there were two barrels with natural greenery. On the front sides of the cube were two attached semi-circular, divided into chambers made of transparent foil cushion the lungs, which over alternately controlled blast from the green cube and breathes. Like the wing of a human lung, lifted and pushed by them and they lowered the air is filtered and flavored with artificial additives in a tube system, which led right through the building to a customer location on the square in front of the Kunsthalle.
[google translate from here ]


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